Where the brave go, part 3 – Sara Kessel, well-being expert and performance coach puts The Performance Retreat to the test

Where the brave go – part 3


By Sara Kessel

Extraordinary retreats for high performers

‘Welcome to the work’ Johan said. ‘As we are only here for 3 days we will go as fast and as deep as you want and can handle. I will be lead by your determination and commitment.’ Always up for a challenge i accepted whole heartedly. Normally clients have a lot more rest and downtime in between sessions and the program it packed.


The days are intense both mental and psychically but the gift of letting my shield down is more rewarding than I could ever have imagined


Health analysis and deep sessions throughout the days

After an in- depth health analysis by Bitten, where she studies images of my face, iris & tongue and I am left armed with vitamins and nutritional tips on how to optimize my health and sleep patterns, Johan then takes me on a journey through the workings of my mind, body, breath (and my soul!).

Johan is incredible

The sessions are deep, revealing, hard work and enormously transforming. Johan is incredible. He aligns your body, unwinds your fascia, he looks into your brains function and the feedback that it is currently giving your body and informing the choices you make.

After this stay I feel more vibrant and alive. I am clear and determent, everything is crystal clear to me now


Life affirming and powerful

The journey was profound and healing, life affirming and powerful and as we journeyed into past memories and through blocks that I knew need to be cleared I felt myself, let go.

I must admit, it was so hard at times I felt like I had been in a boxing ring. But once through to the other side I felt more alive and more focused than i had done in ages. I literally felt as though I was walking taller and my clarity of thought was crystal clear. Looking in the mirror I saw someone more youthful and vibrant and beautiful looking back at me.

It made me feel unstoppable

After 3 intense days I fell in love with them both, their philosophy, their program, their humor and their intelligence, not to mention the chemistry between them both, which lifted and inspired me.

Most of all, I fell back in love with deeper parts of myself. And yes, I know that sounds clichéd and naff but I can’t say it in any other way. And by doing so, it made me feel unstoppable.

There is only one you

Nothing will get in the way of achieving my greatest dreams

At the close of my last day (after another delicious juice shot), we sat together and held a powerful mindfulness session.

As I opened my eyes I looked at these two people and the dream they have dedicated their lives too. A huge smile and feeling of gratitude welled up in me.

I too had become my own ‘inner champion’ and nothing and nobody (especially my own limitations) would get in the way of achieving my greatest dreams.

A month later

A month later, the insights I gained during these three days have still not left me and I am more determined than ever before to live in my absolute potential.

After all there is only one you, and that my friends, is your power…..

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