Workshops & Inspiration Talks

We provide workshops and Inspiration Talks especially designed for all kind of companies. So whether you are searching for group power breathing or a inspirational talk to empower your employees or a management team, we are here to help you.

The courses and events will always be adapted to the indivudual participants and organizations. Any of the workshops and speeches will be adapted to your organizational, strategic and ledership development needs such as optimising your innovation, stress level, motivation etc.

Located on sunny and beautiful Mallorca, we can arrange the events at our beautiful and very tranquil Performance Retreat or we can come to any location on the island you want, taking care of as many details as you may like.

We are also avaliable for booking worldwide making a collaboration very easy and exactly to fulfill what you are searching for.

Please do contact us, if you are interested in finding the right approach for a collaboration.