Johan, Bitten & Anna

One rainy evening in October 2015 we went to an Italian restaurant in Copenhagen. It was not like any other romantic date away from kids and responsibilities. No, this evening we sat down and had the agenda whether to stay in the “hamster wheel” and continue our fulltime career jobs in Denmark or follow our dreams and move to a warm climate with our daughter, to pursuit our dream of creating something beautiful together.

Our dream was to build a unique and exclusive retreat offering High Performers the possibility to unleash their full potential. Something that potentially could change people’s life’s and make a huge impact on sociality.

Imagine a world where children are taught to love themselves and where creating a sense of self-worth is something accessible for everyone. This is what we wanted to create. Together, one step at the time.

But it needed us to take a leap and leave our everyday lives in Denmark!

After ten years of searching for the perfect place for our dream retreat, we found an inspiring, tranquil and ideal Mediterranean location in Mallorca.

In the spirit of helping and healing, we took a leap and left our everyday lives in Denmark to create this unique retreat where people can find their best selves.

In 2016 we moved to Mallorca and started The Performance Retreat – the continuation of Human Performance Institute, now with both our strengths and skills.

We have never looked back and are empowered daily by our adventure and the life changing experiences that we offer. We continue to strive to worth inspiring people around us, believing that they have so much more in them to show this world.



Born in Sweden and raised in Denmark, Johan is an award winning Ultimate Frisbee player and Martial Artist. Winning several medals within the World Championship & European Championship competitions.

Johan is one of the most acknowledged and successful Performance Coaches in the world and has helped countless great personalities and World Champions push beyond their limits and reach their ultimate goals.

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As a successful business woman and high performer herself, Bitten is in a unique position to be an expert guide for high performing business woman and entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential.

Having decades of experience in the corporate and often male- dominated world Bitten is incredible at navigating a hard-competitive environment and allowing oneself to be a powerful and feminine women. Bitten is an outstanding speaker and motivator and touches the hearts and minds to all that she meets with an endless abundance of energy and dedication to be the best you can be.

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Anna is our 10 year old daughter. “She is our sunshine and she makes us laugh and love every single day.”

Anna has for sure made it easier for Johan and Bitten to find their why. When not in school, Anna dances around and loves to splash in the swimmingpool.