After a stay at The Performance Retreat,  along the way, you may want to have a follow up.

Here are the possibilities to choose between.


60 minutes
600 Euro

Enhance your focus

Powerful Mindfulness

TFT Mental training

Career Woman Coaching

Love language

Strength & Conditioning

30 minutes
300 Euro

Water Performance

PH Level test

60 minutes
500 Euro

Wim Hof Power Breathing

Cold water Therapy

Training For Warriors*

Body alignment

30 minutes
300 Euro

HPI Index Test*

Sleep pattern

90 minutes
750 Euro

Health Analysis Test

Full Body Alignment Scan*

CST body Alignment*

CST Rolfing (straightening out the body)*

A 60 minutes Deep tissue massage can be added to any of the above treatments for the price of 120 Euro.

*Can only be done in person. If you wish to receive the treatment at another location there may be an extra charge.