How to get a balanced Ph level

Testing the PH level is something that we do with every client that visits.

A good PH level is important for the general health, in order to gain a healthy and strong life. One of our secrets is how to gain a good Alkaline PH level, and throughout a stay we work with this consistently. The PH scale ranges from 0-14, with 0-7 being acidic, and 7-14 being alkaline.

Our ideal alakaline level is between 7,50-8. 

We love to monitor our clients and watch their progress over their stay – with the best increase that we’ve seen being 6.2 to 8 in just 3 days.

What effects the PH Level?

Everything you do in life will have an impact on your PH level. From what you eat, drink, smoke, breath and how much you exercise. It is important to have a neutral or slight alkaline PH acidity level in your body to keep the body as powerful and healthy as possible.

We always start the day with a PH level test, monitoring our clients progress as their PH level increases toward an alkaline state alongside their strength and endurance. During the stay, we test the PH level at the start, then tracking each day towards the end result.

You can measure your own PH level at home with a litmus paper kit that can easily be found online. Simply place the litmus paper in your saliva or urine first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.

How do you change your PH level?

PH levels can be increased with a combination of diet and lifestyle choices. The easiest and most effective ways  to make a change are:

  • Cut out sugar, alcohol & processed foods from your diet
  • Drink alkaline juice shots in the morning and evening
  • Drink lots of clean water

One of our favourite juice shots is made from ginger, lemon and beetroot, which you can try to make at home.

At The Performance Retreat we work with a combination of blood type nutrition and power breathing techniques, to discover your best way of eating and nourish what your body needs in order to maintain a healthy PH level.

The power of power breathing techniques is remarkable. With the combination of alkaline food and drinks, you can  increase your PH level, because you increase the oxygen levels in your blood. Soon we will make a video showing these techniques, that can easily be made at the comfort of your home. We love doing theme outside in the fresh air.

If you already work with your ph levels we would love to hear about what has had the biggest impact on increasing it? We hope you will write a comment below.



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